We sell your NFT – the Right for a service in Our Clubs
Burlesque and Virgins- the most popular strip clubs chain in Russia
One-of-a-kind service
“Take dancer’s panties”
The ability to remove and take the panties of any dancer from
Burlesque and Virgins!!!
One week before the desired NFT sale date the rights need to be sent to the official e-mail address info@burvir.ru
After we receive your NFT, we will burn it
In response, we will send you a confirmation e-mail and a request to forward this NFT to our crypto wallet to identify you as an owner. We need to make sure that we render the service to you
You can cancel your visit reservation no later than three days before your selected date of sale
Rules for obtaining NFT service:
Specify the following:
a) Name

b) Desired date of visit

c) Club name (Burlesque or Virgins) and city

d) The number of people (if you will invite some people)

e) Your mobile
In return, we will send the same NFT without the QR code to your wallet
In the Club, you can approach any dancer, ask her to take off her panties and take them
The service will only be provided to persons over the age of 21
The service is valid until Apr., 1, 2022
You can use the service only once
We sell your NFT – the right for a one-time service in Our Clubs
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We are waiting for you every day from 09:00 PM
Nizhnyi Novgorod